Reduce Stress

Oh my goodness. Stress. Where to start? Working full time and raising a family, AND trying to maintain friendships, a clean house, a healthy diet for yourself and family??! It’s HARD! And it can be very stressful. But, I have been there, and I can help you get this under control.

Maybe you’ve heard this, but our bodies have this very useful mechanism that gives us an instant burst of adrenaline the millisecond that we perceive some sort of threat to our existence. If we’re about to get run over by a bus, for instance, without even a thought, our adrenaline will get pumped out, our eyes will dilate, our muscles will tense, our blood pressure will rise. And, most importantly, we’ll jump out of the way, without even consciously thinking about it!

We are amazing.

However, that same amazing ability to unconsciously keep us safe in times of physical stress, isn’t quite perceptive enough to distinguish the threat of that deadly bus, with the stressors of our everyday lives, like say, a self-imposed work deadline, or your baby crying, or a minor fender bender. Each of these perceived “threats” causes the same reaction in our body. The problem? Our day-to-day existence tends to be filled with these minor stresses. So our bodies are on hyper alert ALL THE TIME!

This takes quite a toll on us day in and day out. Some symptoms may include: headaches, lack of sleep, stomach upsets, changes in sex drive, irritability, anger, over or undereating, drug or alcohol abuse… and many more.

When you sign up for my 6-month program, we will work to identify your stresses, and find ways to get them under control and get you back to a state of relaxation.

Schedule a call with me for a private 30-minute START FEELING FABULOUS Discovery Session. During this one-on-one discovery call we will get to the root of your biggest health concerns and we discuss whether my programs or coaching would be the right next step for you.