Join the 7-day Sugar Detox – starts November 16

Join the 7-day Sugar Detox

What is it
This Sugar Detox is a free, guided 7-day program where we’ll crowd out sugar and processed food by eating an abundance of fresh whole foods. You can participate from anywhere. If you have a sugar addiction, want to eat healthier, want to lose weight or just want to feel more in control — then this program is for you!

What should I expect?
A few days before we start, you’ll get an email with a complete guide for the 7-day Sugar Detox. The guide will include instructions of what to eat and what to avoid, sample menus, sample shopping lists, and tips to make your week super simple. You’ll also get emails with tips for each day, which will help put good habits into action. You can email me anytime for support or with questions.

Who should sign up?
Anyone who wants to feel healthy, reduce sugar cravings, lose weight, get more energy or just feel fabulous! This gentle, sensible program is appropriate for most people. You can choose to do the program 100%, or go at a slower pace. If you have a serious food allergy or diet regimen prescribed by your doctor, please contact me prior to signing up. Detoxing is not recommended during pregnancy. Please check with your doctor before if you have any health concerns

Just sign up here, and you’ll be in!

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